Hire Better SDRs & CS Reps for a Fraction of the Cost

Navigating the turbulence of the global economic state can be tricky – especially when you have to allocate budgets and develop next year’s strategy today. During this time, it is essential to deploy your resources effectively to ensure that you are getting the best return on your investments. 

At Hyyer, we know the importance of building an effective Sales team and the integral role SDRs play in making sure your business flourishes. We help your organization find Silicon Valley-level talent at half the cost. 

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In-House VS Out-House Sales & Customer Service Teams

Usually, large corporations and businesses have in-house Sales and Customer Service teams built within their organizations. This means that they take charge of recruiting, training, and managing their Sales and CS professionals. 

While this approach has many benefits, it is also the most time-consuming and expensive. Start-ups and smaller businesses usually opt to outsource their talent to reap the same benefits and exponentially cut back on their expenses. 

On average, hiring an SDR or CS representative with 0 – 2 years of experience internally can take a few weeks and costs around $20,000 per representative in recruiting efforts alone. In addition to the average US-base salary of $80,000+, benefits, and a $10,000 – $20,000 commission plan, the cost to hire 1 representative can become overwhelming. Especially when the first sales pitch usually takes place 30 days after the representative signs on to your company. This is a huge financial strain and risk to many businesses that do not have the resources to meet this budget. So, outsourcing becomes the best viable option. 

What Is Outsourcing and What Are My Options?

Through outsourcing, your organization hires a third-party company to handle sourcing qualified talent, training, and all recruiting operations. The complete scope of services, offerings, and costs vary but through our in-depth competitor analysis, we’ve concluded that set-up can cost around $4,000, with an average payment of $15,000 plus commissions per month for the outsourced SDR team, and a minimum 6-month contract to start. Outsourced SDR teams on average spend days 0-30  on research and bring in 1 – 3 booked meetings every month. While this model is more affordable in comparison to hiring internally, we believe that there is room for improvement.

Hiring through hyyer

At Hyyer, we are passionate about helping businesses discover the highly qualified and experienced talent that comes from a largely untapped workforce. We connect your organization with remote, international, and skilled workers that deliver more results than the average representative in the US market space. We believe that there is no global skill gap, rather there is an opportunity gap. A gap that we’ve made our mission to close. Through our profitable business model and over 20 years of Sales & Customer Service experience, our clients are seeing a 40% increase in their qualified sales meetings and ‘win-back’ revenue.  

We allow our clients to set their own budget, and we work to find talent that fits into that budget without compromising on quality. We require a small one-time set-up fee and ask our clients to match the current commission plan they have set in place for our Hyyer-Certified representatives. Our talent is deployed internally into your organization to allow them to fully integrate into your team and deliver optimum results. From our side, we offer one-to-one mentorship to all our representatives and ensure that they are constantly updating their skills to perform at high industry standards. 

With Hyyer, you can expect to welcome your new SDR team member within a few days after signing with us. Moreover, you can expect your Hyyer-Certified representative to bring in booked meetings within their first week of working with you.

In short, our process cuts back in time, costs, and stress while boosting performance and revenue. 

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